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How Cold is Too Cold Tuesday January 5, 2010

To make one’s self feel warmer in the face of unremitting CHILL, I find it helps to look at weather maps!

Hello Seattle! Hi there Santa Fe! I envy your mid-bracket double digits :)

Flying in my mind to Baja, or Florida, pronto!

because really, HUGZ for the Midwest, South, East Coast, and Canada! Whew. Check out the Royal Blue swath: C.O.L.D. finger.

We’re especially breathless over here, because, it’s 15°/4° (temp/windchill). I have a hat on while I’m typing this. And 50/50 wool/alpaca socks (warm!). And long johns under my jammies.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

So it’s time for some Real World Woolies.

Check out this yarn:
Chic Knits Curly Cowl

I got this intriguing super-chunky yarn awhile back from Knit 1 on Lincoln Ave. It is “Handspun Yarn by Sandy” who is a fabulous spinner from Wisconsin and the label says it’s 7 oz of Purple Costwold Wool (55 yds).

Maybe you spinners out there can tell me what it’s called when there’s little “tails” and puffs of wool spun into the strand? I adore it! The colors in this are just glorious and before I knew it, I was making a heavenly Cowl (my new obsession) from this bulky wonderment.

Someone awhile back suggested I get going on some Thrummed Mittens to protect my hands and although I haven’t gone that route yet, this is the neck version without all the work.

Here’s the right side of the Cowl-In-Progress, basically smooth(er):
Chic Knits Chunky Cowl

Here’s the reverse or towards-the-neck side, really loopy and lots of tails:
Chic Knits Knitting Patterns

It’s totally curlier on the *wrong side* of the knitting — and THAT’s what reminded me of the thrumming. So in effect, this tail-y, taggy yarn self-thrums ;p

You might agree that I’m going to be fluffed, petted, and protected by this extra curly-top layer close to my skin.

Hope I look as good as my friend here:
Chic Knits Curly Cowl

Stay Warm! Drink lots of Water! Wear lots of luscious lotions. And do not forget your huggy, snuggy scarves…

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