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Monday Morning Mirth October 26, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Top Ten Halloween Costumes for 2009

1. Michael Jackson (thrilla)
2. Ballon Boy (great for a group)
3. Blagojevich (yawn)
4. Kate Gosselin (mom jeans, wig)
5. Edward / Jacob / Any Vampire!
6. Bailout Executives (or Madmen)
7. Susan Boyle (oooooh)
8. Lady GaGa (this one’s too easy)
9. Kanye West (don’t forget your Hennessy!)
10. Glen Beck (fake tears)

also très frightening: joe the plumber; octomom; bernie madoff; michelle obama; sarah palin; any superhero; facebook page; ipod; lol cat; gaddafi; tyra; pussycat doll; duggars; battlestar galactica

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