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Yank on the Needles October 6, 1009

Now that I’m packing my bags for the trip to Rhinebeck, I’ve been infected by a virus.

No, I had my flu shot Sunday, thank you very much.

This is an interNEts kind of thing; something I’ve read over and over and over in the last few years.

I thought I was immune.

I was wrong.

What I’ve read in so many places I feel honored to be in the ranks, is the undying wish to wear a new handknit to the fair! And I’ve caught the bug full force, but have probably hinked this up anyway even though enthusiasm and ambition are high.

My project, a Yank sweater coat, was percolating along pretty well using Rowan Aran Tweed until I had one of those moments when you quit kidding yourself and really just pull out the ruler and measure, measure, measure.

But of course, my gauge was off, but this thing has such a hypnotic stitch pattern that I blithely went down a comatose highway one afternoon and had to screech to a halt.

Lucky for me, the depths of the Stash did not disappoint. Not too deep digging turned up more of the same yarn I had just used to knit my vesty Mondo Cable Cardi: Mohair Mist, but this time in a very scrumptious navy. Now, I suspected this yarn, because of its fiber make up could be knit at more than one gauge.

So I made my swatch and this time Washed It (lazy ass missing step from attempt #1). This time it was spot on; the fiber had bloomed to fill in the gaps.

So I’m speeding right along with the new improved fabric gobbling up the yarn as fast as I can throw because part of me is now in thrall to the Notion. The notion that I’m going to finish this and wear it in New York! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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