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Chic Knits Fall 2009 Preview



Presenting the Fall 2009 Chic Knits Pattern Portfolio

As the days start to grow shorter, we reach for the comfort and
warmth of knits, and wrap ourselves in STYLE.

Chic Knits celebrates the season with fashionable, polished designs that flatter and celebrate the feminine form. Join us as we present our Fall Collection of knitting patterns for very wearable clothing designed by Bonne Marie Burns…

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Chic Knits Fall 2009
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Tiny Magic August 6, 2009

Marg wrote: “Wasn’t it EZ who said you can get just about all the stitches
you need to, onto a 24″ circ?”

I’m not sure, but of course, since it sounded so intriguing, I had to entertain the notion :)

I had been using a 29″ circular needle but found a 24″ circ in the needle stash.

One round in, I knew we had a winner!


Now, it must be mentioned, the cable on this Addi Turbo is one of the soft ones. I have some that are like fence wire that although they are ok for knitting larger pieces, would never work for the Magic Loop method.

You need to squish it down; both the stitches and loop portions are compressed.

Then you just zip right along!!

Thanks Marg (& EZ!)

A tale of two sleeves August 4, 2009

Dare I say I’m really enjoying myself? Knitting sleeves on two different projects has become rather amusing and speedy.

This morning, in the cool lake air, I stitched up Sleeve #1 of the Twist cardigan I’m working on. [Now here’s all the goal setting and meeting marching on: make the goal, execute it in digestible chunks, get to the finish line.] By the time the Body is being knit on this sweater, both sleeves will be pressed, mattress stitched and ends woven in, a little bit at a time, but in the final moments, rather efficient.

And motivating.

I like the fact that the two sweaters are so different in materials, although they are not so different in gauge; here’s a wide look.

Chic Knits Twist

One is so very textured chunky; the other so smooth and sinuous.

The cream colored yarn is Queensland Kathmandu, a tweedy blend of wool, silk and [sneeze or you’ll you-know] cashmere that is dense and comforting and will be such a great Saturday sweater that I can hardly wait for cooler weather.

Gwen commented: “I’m thinking that it would be very chic as a 3/4 length sleeve…but I also like the idea of a cap that you can wear a long sleeve thin t-shirt under in the wintery months. I know that this would be more work for you but, why not give us cap sleeves now, and longer sleeve options in a couple o’ few months when it starts to cool off?”

I actually loved this idea and almost did this but what stopped me was this question: “What if I have NOT the will to sleeve-it by the time the weather became cooler?” Most likely this sleeve fascination will have cooled as well. Also, this yarn is going to change in the washing; I know it will bloom and maybe get fuzzier on wearing, too. Adding new length later, with this fiber, might be too obvious a change.

So after much thought, knowing I’d want to wear this all the time in the middle of winter, I opted for Long Sleeves! These can always be pushed up, which I love to do, and when Mr. Frosty is nipping at my wrists in the deep of January, I’ll be covered.

However, this whole concept is too good to pass up, so down the line a piece there’s something more up my sleeve ;p

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the knitting of the tweedy and smooth…

Chic Knits Mondo Cable Pulli

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