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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

>>>>>>> New Threads Wednesday! <<<<<<<<

julliaimagesThe appearance of the Red triggered a chain reaction of the most kitchen-ly sort. Immediately, the offending garment was washed to try and remove the stain but alas! It was just going to be a whopper no matter what was done to it so there was only one thing left to do: keep calm and carry on!

OUT comes the Dye Pot, in goes the water, salt, and the color and that was where it got really interesting. You see, I was supposed to be getting ready for work and didn’t have all that much time.

So I just looked at my bottles of cupboarded Procion MX dyes and chose those that had leftovers. I was just feeling lucky, I guess.

Lilac went in first, a nice subtle tone.The piece of paper towel at 11 o’clock is what I stuck in the pot to see what up.


Then I threw in whatever Warm Black was left and you can see it at 1 o’clock — toned down some but still, just too purple.

So in went whatever leftover Chocolate Brown was in a bottle and for a Kicker, a couple of tiny shakes of Marine Blue.



A whole new sweater, wouldn’t you say??! Me like.



Just an ashy low-toned purple of the bonne-iest sort…

Pattern: Chic Knits Basic Chic Hoodie
Yarn: Softball *Cotton*
Color: Ashley Purple
Gauge: 4.75 sts / 6 rows over 1″
Needles: #7

Mods: made a 2×2 ribbed crewneck band to finish the neckline. Knit the sleeves for 9″ then finished with ribbing the same length as the Body ribbing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DRAMA: uR doin it wrong…

Twas a happy day; a summer’s day. And most fun, a new threads day…

Out to the summer porch to take a portrait shot, with anticipation and glee, dancing the chacha in my head ala Steve Martin, all crazy like, comedy :)

ctimagesUntil. The shots were loaded and you noticed that there were greyish streaks across the photo in places.

Thinking perhaps a dirty camera lens was leaving its mark, you cleaned the lens, re-shot and re-looked. And It was still there…

So you took another picture to check.


No problem there.

So the reality is that somehow, you still haven’t learned your lesson. Trying to get some chores done, you washed the new, fabulous sweater with an older, multicolor sweater which kissed and told all over many parts of its surface. Looking closer, you see what you thought was grey was red reacting with the original blue of the cotton yarn. You’ve seen this movie before! A Tragedy, to be sure. Didn’t like it the first time; hatin’ it right now…

it does have pretty buttons…


So there was only one thing left to do.

Introduce the Robin Egg BCH to my other little friends…


Monday Morning Mirth July 20, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  


All the single ladies (all the single ladies)
All the single ladies, now put your hands up!

And here’s her hand: it’s none other than the for real Hamburger Helper Hand (!) who joined Beyonce a couple of days ago at the United Center for charity.

I LOVE THE HAND that is until he came right to me and belly-bumped me and gave me a hug! Yes, doughy…

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