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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Having finished the body of ze blue cardi, I’ve hit the inevitable fork in the road. To the Left: lord, there are two sleeves to go. To the Right: find a way to make it FUN!

Most fun for me? Doing other work on the piece that will incite me to finish the parts that annoy.

First up? The Left Button Band.

Now this is logical because it gives lots of information about both the final look of the piece and it gives a roadmap on where to put the buttonholes when the Right Band is worked.

And because I had a few spare moments this morning, I dug out the Button Basket!


It’s been in the mix for years now, and it seems it fills it self to bursting when I’m not looking. Inside, buttons sorted by color and type — on the left, there’s the Black Buttons in their place of honor: a now old Le Droguerie bag from Paris. I own more black buttons than any other type. What’s simply amazing is the variety of size, shape and materials one can find.

But, I’m thinking white buttons on this one and even though there’s some blue lovelies in there, this is chock full of cards of white, in a bag from my other favorite button palace, MJ Trims in NYC.


I like to staple all the same-type cards together so I can just pull them out en masse — here’s some shell buttons. And here’s some vintage cards of plastic fantasique that have flea-marketed their way into the basket over the years.


Will it be the smooth and shiny modern buttons or will the vintage disks hit the catwalk? Gives me something big to think about while I knit Sleeve #1.

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