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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to buy yarn on cones. She’d read online about someone who had a canvas tote, full of cone, who carried it hither and yon and knit right from the massive thing itself. She witnessed it one night and was amazed and envious.

This girl, being from the City where four-footed farm beasts are rare, equated that as exciting as knitting it right off the back of a sheep! (She’d never been to a fiber fest and witnessed a Sheep-to-Shawl, but could only imagine the thrill!)

Not to worry!

cone1Something called the Internet was full of cones and she scooped up plenty, even though in retrospect, she’d have to lengthen her lifespan by a couple of centuries to knit them all. Amongst the finest of scores was a huge cone full of robin egg’s blue cotton. It was something she’d never heard of, called Softball. And yet, it lingered, waiting for some siren’s call.

Last Spring, the moment seemed to arrive, when she started a Basic Chic Hoodie, then stalled 2″ into the yoke. The yarn had a reluctant quality; it was dry; it was stubborn. No needle type, bamboo, wood, nickel, or teflon seemed to eat it up the way she liked to dine. And so it sat. All Summer, Fall and Winter, in a basket hidden next to the sofa.


While looking for another WIP, she pulled it out of its hiding place this weekend. Its color still made her so very happy, she decided to give it another go. It seems like she’s more relaxed knitting it this time around (yarn maturity?), because it’s going much faster (on nickel Turbos) and here you see it right after the Sleeves have been put on hold, and the Body just joined

The texture of the fabric is a little nubby and uneven, a walk in the park instead of a stroll at headquarters. She likes that :)


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