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Monday, June 22, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  



Tales from the Roadside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What happens when it seems whoever packed your luggage was woolgathering instead? You end up with six pairs of shoes, seven trousers, maybe 10 tee shirts, but no toothbrush, no cami’s for your sheer blouses (3), and most importantly, no brush, and, NO ROLLERS!

Now if you’ve ever been to Columbus, OH, in the summertime, you might have noticed the humidity. It’s a lot more humid there than Chicago!

And my hair honored it by answering its Call of the Wild!

Usually, I can blow it out or product it down, but this level of moist air needs ROLLERS! And I didn’t have any.

So I did what any right-minded woman who works with tools all day long would: I improvised!

To the Rescue: One big complementary styro coffee cup made a cool three roller set; two from the cup, one from its sleeve…

What’s your favorite Road Rescue?

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