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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The ShowDown Continues: its just three days before I leave for Columbus and like all good and major deadlines, it seems the more I do, the less is getting done! WHEE!

The weekend was great — did a big photoshoot with lots of new looks for fall — above’s an updated pic of the MCSVest with a little white shirt underneath. This version is made from cotton/microfiber (by ggh *Java* — 85% cotton and 15% acrylic) and it makes a very comfortable top for spring/summer/fall erm, winter. The addition of the microfiber makes the fabric behave a little better than 100% cotton, less stretch, etc. Fiber-y behavior, which of course, resembles two of my other All Time Favorite Yarns — Rowan All Seasons Cotton & Lion Cotton Ease! I’ve got my stash, don’t you know ;p

From the 1 step forward, 2 steps back files: yesterday was just about a washout in the getting things done department. Moe Larry CHEESE!

Total hard drive meltdown~!

Because my main hard drive was getting full (eewww) I’ve been using a firewire backup drive. Just lately, I transferred a ton of files to this drive and have been using it as a scratch disk for Photoshop. Yesterday, I did a lot of file retouching and BAM! I think I melted it. It started making some really awful clacking noises and wouldn’t mount on the desktop.

First, of course, I panicked! That Sound. It’s really an unhappy sound.

Then I remembered I’d been backing up all the super duper important stuff online (with something called Mozy) and maybe, just maybe, I’d remembered to include this second drive in there somewhere. Well, I did. Sort of. All of the nitty gritty was a-ok; but a lot of stuff was vaporized because I just moved those newer files to the disk. Well. As they say when you’re starting to clean a closet, if you haven’t worn something in so long you can’t remember, you don’t need it anyway…

Time will tell!

And it’s telling me to get a grip! :)

Here’s my Mondo Cable Shell / Vest so far:


You can see it’s being propped up by HOUSE. As is should be, since the kindly Dr. is going to get me through the next few hours of rampant knitting! The MCSV should probably be about two inches longer, but given the Screamin’ Meemie Joy Ride I’ve been on for the last few hours, it’s not. ;p

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