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Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Threads SATURDAY!

Chic Knits Sandrine

Pattern: Chic Knits SANDRINE
Designer: Bonne Marie Burns
Yarn: Sirdar BREEZE

Runway Ready! My cotton Sandrine is off the needles and on the mannie.

It’s been in the low 70’s here in the Windy and this is just what I’ve been waiting for!

I have a pair of white capri’s and some sandals at the ready for a casual mix or a linen skirt for more elegant fun…

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nothing says summer more than COLOR!

And I couldn’t wait to get going on this :)


chic knits mondo cableThis is a wool version of the Mondo Cable Shell / Vest done vest style using some of the yummiest yarn ever: Dream in Color Classy. Who could deny that this shade of green, called “Spring Tickle” doesn’t just do that???

And I, ever easily amused, also adore this cast on: a chained provisional, using some leftover minty green yarn so I can have a little eye feast while I’m waiting to UnZip when starting the other side. If you’ve ever done this type of cast on, you know that it’s very fun to release the stitches, much like the thrill I used to get opening a super-size bag of dog food, you know, wow! ;p


In case you’re wondering, all you do is crochet a chain a couple of sts longer than your intended cast on stitch count. Then I just insert the tip of my needle through the little loop on the back of what looks like the knit stitch and pull the working yarn through to make the cast-on stitch. Lather, rinse, repeat, and you’ve got your base ready to go.

The more I knit, the less I use lots of tools; just me, my fingers and the yarn. I’m also working on another project, yum, cables are heavily involved and it’s all done free-style cabling with no needle. Less to lose; faster to knit.

And this design’s been streamlined aplenty: provisional cast on, knit from the top down, then joined under the arms and knit in-the-round to the hem (v.1 was bottom up). Lots of knitters wrote to me asking about standing this on its head, and I must say: THANKS! I like it a lot better this way — especially that you can control the final length aspect in relation to your cabling.

Cropped or regular length? Easy peasy going top down. Not enough yarn? Ditto..

SHOWDOWN: this is going to the TNNA show next week IF it gets done! If your LYS is going to be in Columbus at the show, send them by Booth 163 to see the Portfolio Trunk Show in person :)

Are you knitting this right now? Join me over on the Chic Knits group to knit with me and help me get this done in time…

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