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Monday, May 18, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Oh for chrissakes, it had to happen: Local company releases a new hair care product for the limp tressed!
“Blago Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner have been carefully formulated with special ingredients that actually make the hair feel fuller and thicker, or “really big”!”
We wish you a Really Big Week!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

summer-of-love-1-p1000336Lots of changes here in Chic-land, the least of which is that this month is HALF OVER! Where does time fly?

Personally, I hope it’s on vacation and will relax its sorry you-know a little with a drink that has an umbrella and maybe involves coconut. I’m a little bushed trying to keep up with it. My day job has become my night job; in a fell swoop, my photo gig is now on the streets of PM Chicago and it’s what I can only call topsy turvy.

Even though it’s great being able to see the City in all it’s glory after dark (although the sun doesn’t set until around 9ish), my *jet lagged* brain and body are not in line to appreciate it. I was happy to get invited to a flickr photo group called “On My Commute Today” which pools city traveling pix from people in NYC, London & Hong Kong. Maybe this will help me reset the body clock, pronto, by giving me some focus.

One of the first things I see now leaving my base station is State St (that great street) in downtown Chicago, with none other than Macy’s (ney it’ll always be Marshall Field’s to me) looming as the very first building in my path. Currently, it’s stately windows are filled with a display series of one of the current retro trends — the Haute Hippie.

Typical copy blurb: “We are loving fringe, suede moccasins, beading, a little caftan, some feathers, ripped denim, embroidered accents, country florals, distressed boots or rugged gladiator sandals, and a general feel of a casual, easy, and natural silhouette that feels so right for the warmer months. Go ahead and unwind with some BoHo inspiration and while you are at it, let the sunshine in!!!”

Here, amid the headbands AND false eyelashes (think HAUTE!) I found some little cotton dresses that inspired.


LOVE that keyhole — am trying to imagine how to knit it.

Then there’s the headbands and baby, I have to tell you, I feel all shexay when I wear one. I do not know what comes over me but it’s LACED with pheremone vapor (or something). You’ll have to come over to my pad and help me apply my lashes, though…


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Finally, progress! After a topsy turvy of a week, some personal knitting gets done. I am itching to wear this and am tempted to just finish off that little short sleeve on the left and call it a “design feature”.

zachary-quintoHEE! But really, it does show how the piece would look with cap or short sleeves (I like). I get email all the time asking if it’s OK to do this type of thing and I say, Boldly Go! Just because the pattern doesn’t specifically say to, doesn’t mean it might just make the piece of your dreams.

BTW, has anyone seen the new Star Trek movie? Now I’m not going to admit to being a Trekkie, snort, but, after seeing the trailer, the younger Capt. Kirk (um, corn-fed Iowa farm boy!) and especially, the younger Spock: ROCK!

Back to this century: since patterns can’t contain all the possible permutations of possibilities in some easily changed areas, it is totally up to the fancy of the knitter to decide how long sleeves (and bodies and collars, etc) should be according to their style wishes and body measurements.

    chicknitsshell            chicknitspullover    chicknitscardigan

I try things on constantly. Because I’ve made a Template of all of my preferred basic sizes in Shell, Pullover & Cardigan styles (see how here), I have a reference to go by. But nothing really beats pinning the thing together, if necessary, and putting it on one’s self. Even better than a mannequin, because even though my measurements are equal to mine, my body shape is slightly different. NOBODY is really alike and it’s up to us to find the sweet spots: the right ratios and measurements and then apply them to our stitching.

That is the Number One reason I love to make my own clothes! If I had the time, I would probably try and sew everything I wear (not jeans). But I love all the cotton dresses and skirts I’ve been seeing around and am green with envy…

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