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Monday, April 13, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  

State St Billboard shot with phone cam

One of the last frontiers of my photo-ness is my phone! I admit I’m way behind the curve here because I always forget that I carry with me a little friend that can do a whole lot more than let me chat up my buds. Surfing around this weekend finding out how to use mine, I found all sorts of cool phone-ish suggestions…

Favorite Ways to Use a Digital Camera…

1. As a Mirror: Stuck without a glass before that big meeting? Shoot yourself and inspect. Ah, vanity, what is thy name?

2. Placeholder: If you’re like me, any parking lot with more than 5 spaces needs a big red flag to lead me back to where I left my car.

3. Traffic Cop: This one is from my boss, who when I returned to the shop after a minor fender bender (other party drove into me), asked why I didn’t shoot a few evidence pictures for the record? (Also, good for shots of people who park too close to you.)

2. Mini-Fax Machine: Send your business card to anybody anywhere anytime.

3. Packing Aid: Shoot your haul (yarn, but of course!) after a vacation in case your luggage goes AWOL and you have to file a claim.

4. Wine Bottle Label

5. If you eat on the road a lot, snap the menu address to record an especially fine lunch.


7. Get a shot of your bus route from the map in the station.

8. House & Apartment Hunting: get those real estate signs.

9. Store hours!

10. Immediately take a picture after a new haircut so you can torture yourself later when you try to style it yourself.

What are your favorite things to shoot?

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