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Monday, April 13, 2009

  Monday Morning Mirth  

State St Billboard shot with phone cam

One of the last frontiers of my photo-ness is my phone! I admit I’m way behind the curve here because I always forget that I carry with me a little friend that can do a whole lot more than let me chat up my buds. Surfing around this weekend finding out how to use mine, I found all sorts of cool phone-ish suggestions…

Favorite Ways to Use a Digital Camera…

1. As a Mirror: Stuck without a glass before that big meeting? Shoot yourself and inspect. Ah, vanity, what is thy name?

2. Placeholder: If you’re like me, any parking lot with more than 5 spaces needs a big red flag to lead me back to where I left my car.

3. Traffic Cop: This one is from my boss, who when I returned to the shop after a minor fender bender (other party drove into me), asked why I didn’t shoot a few evidence pictures for the record? (Also, good for shots of people who park too close to you.)

2. Mini-Fax Machine: Send your business card to anybody anywhere anytime.

3. Packing Aid: Shoot your haul (yarn, but of course!) after a vacation in case your luggage goes AWOL and you have to file a claim.

4. Wine Bottle Label

5. If you eat on the road a lot, snap the menu address to record an especially fine lunch.


7. Get a shot of your bus route from the map in the station.

8. House & Apartment Hunting: get those real estate signs.

9. Store hours!

10. Immediately take a picture after a new haircut so you can torture yourself later when you try to style it yourself.

What are your favorite things to shoot?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Springtime is looming fast and furious here in the Big Windy. It was so refreshing yesterday, I spent a while wandering my neighborhood in the lovely light of late afternoon. There were so many things to look at and get carried away by; it’s always changing and always staying the same…

I live in East Village on the cusp of Wicker Park in Chicago and it’s a study of contrasts: old & new, bright & dimmed, fresh and decaying. From buildings to things growing in around and on them, the life force is very strong here. Much of this section of the neighborhood was built up around 1885 when Beef Ruled this city. Just a few blocks north of here there are incredible grey and brownstone townhouses, some almost right under the El tracks. These were the homes of the Beef Barons, who were more than proud to be the techno giants of their time just steps away from what they probably considered their private railways. Did they let you smoke cigars on the trains in those days (for sure).

Today you’ll find all sorts of goodness and notso’s with the main drag of Milwaukee Ave full of a frenzied mix of funky furniture stores, hip restaurants and bars, wig shacks, boutiques of every flavor, boarded up buildings, new dreadful condos, and possibly my favorite: the Kiss ‘N Tell, a store that promises to deliver all the girl stuff you need for that perfect night out (or in).

Here’s some random snapshots that jumped out at me while I walked the street to Fringe to get my hair cut (longish Pat Benetar shag). Click Here to see individual pictures.


Thursday, April 9, 2009



…doodling in the sketchbook.

More color stories — photo was from an semi-idustrial section of a near-southside neighborhood and I scratched over it with some other images. It seems I’m very attracted to the ochre, aqua, taupe trilogy.


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