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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Even though I hear the birds sweetly trilling outside my springtime window, louder is the call of something darker.

Yeah. The Taxman Cometh and has scattered like the wind reams and reams of papers all over the hut.

Would that I could escape this unholy deadline, but indeed, we all walk together towards that uncompromising line ;p

A little knitting is getting done, though, and it’s at these times I find the repose and peace of the process so calming, such a gift…


Here stands my current Sandrine, like a talisman against the evil of all that paper! I’m several inches down from the body join and have completed the cross-over! Now it’s clear sailing into the calm waters of beautiful Stockinette Stitch. So lovely to have such a loyal and dependable friend when the brain is squeezed elsewhere!!

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