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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chic Knits Knitting Patterns

More digging in the stash, this time cotton diving. Up next? A Sandrine pulli for the wardrobe!

I have some taupe DK set aside for this as well, but decided to get some stitches on line with some early Spring fun. This is off-white Sirdar BREEZE, a cotton microfiber blend that works really well for wearability. I find it easy to knit, it has a little sproing and tension in the strand, which makes it keep gauge better than some summer yarns. I made a BCPulli out of it last season and it looks great and fits well — less stretching and growing after the knit is done.

Which of course, is much different than After the Final Rose. Being in thrall to Cabin Fever is making me do all sorts of things not normally in my agenda: watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette (?) no, not that. But somehow, there I was on Monday night, spying the aftermath of same, billed “the most shocking twist in Bachelor history.”

HUH? From what my friends tell me this series is an extremely choreographed “reality” house party with lots of drinking, naughty accusations ((She’s a B! What the… She’s in the hot tub AGAIN topless!) Now I’ve been in a hot tub once (in California) but only my Midwest two piece was showing) and what about those really *deep* really dipped, sprayed tans.

We won’t even mention the bad *grills*.

Even the smarmy set, the hundreds of flickering mini-candles and flowers, did not ward me off. I fell down the rabbit hole headfirst anyway. Much later, I was wondering HOW any of the players could keep a straight face for even a microsecond and decided THAT was why it was so compelling even though it was so very bizarre.

Hey! I am the first one to admit that being fickle is not such a bad thing. As someone with Startitis AND a trunk full of WIP, who can talk. What’s on your needles?

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