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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In pre-celebration of the Spring that’s sure to come sometime this, erm, SPRING! I’ve been cleaning my studio. Lots of stuff’s been moved around, packed, tossed, and re-arranged. There’s still one really embarrassing corner of the room, but I’ve left it for a rainy day. It’s still snowing here, so that could be a little passive agressive, but we’ll wait and see…

FOUND: pieces of a Scoop du Jour from a couple of years ago. This sample was made because I planned a fresh picture for the pattern, then it was boxed because the pattern was revised and tech edited — I added more sizes and made some subtle changes here and there. The color of this piece was also an issue.

srgbIn Digital Photography, many colors fall outside the reproducible range of the RGB colorspace, which is represented on the left as triangles. Magneta, BINGO! Peacock Blue, CHECK!

That means there are many tones you can see but can’t print or even display on a monitor correctly (or at all). I wrestle the blues all the time, and when I revisited this garment, I decided it was going to be wardrobe (lucky moi!) because taking pictures of it for press and web would make me into a frothing idiot.

Indeed, a small drool bubble is in the corner of my mouth right now from merely taking this shot! Look at the small, small area inside the triangles and then outside and below the triangles. If you need more proof, look at people’s lipstick colors on ANTM. If they look alien, pulsing and weird, they are some kind of magenta. MSNBC & CNN folks sometimes trip on this banana peel quite often as well ;p

But it is STILL a fresh and wonderful color and it’s being finished. Here you see the two front pieces, one pressed and one unpressed. What a diff! I went on to press all the pieces then started assembling in this order:
– Shoulder Seams
– Side Seams
– Buttonbands (pickup 4, skip 1)
– Neckband

Still to come: Sleeve Seams and setting in.


In the meantime, I have finished the Cassidy sweater, except for the sewing on of the buttons. Never one to miss an opportunity to pull out the Ham, I pressed the neckband…

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