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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Threads TUESDAY!

I found my hats! Lurking under a pile of old purses, they frolicked, playfully in a box in a remote corner of my closet, under some other boxes.

Clueless to why they were packed in such a silly manner, but delighted that they were finally back in the mix, this pile enjoyed a refreshing bubblebath!

Nothing better to face the weather challenges of the New Year (I’m looking forward to the new year, how about YOU?) than a warm head, which I think is the Secret to being outdoors.

Joining this lovely pile is a new, and what I predict to be, favorite in the line-up at Chez Chic: an H2O beanie made from Colinette Pt. 5 in a most intriguing combination of Black & White, that is called ZEBRA.

Now, does anyone have an idea what type of wool is used for this yarn? I adore it! And it really is warm; all lofty and puffy and it hugs the head when wearing to the point one does not want to take it off.

That, hmm, is my MO this winter, though: the Inside Hat!

Keep the heat down and the spirits UP!

I also had fun learning a new seaming technique: Invisible weaving on Stocknette St (One-half Stitch Seam Allowance) found on pg.72 of The Knitter’s Companion (by Vicki Square). For want of a better term, this is a lot like mattress stitching but works only the center part of an edge stitch-to-edge stitch. When finished, the two halves make a whole stitch and on bulky (or in this case, SUPER Bulky yarn), it makes a very fine low bulk seam. I liked this SO much, I’m going to try it out on a sweater next time…

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