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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yesterday was the kind of day that stamped on the brain once and for all: WINTER has arrived in the Big Windy! It was an amazing combination of ice, wind, temperature and fortitude by all creatures creatures great and small who ventured out into the wild.

Best things going on a day when the wind chill is minus 15? Two words near and dear to a knitters’ heart and hand, scarf and hat. It was amazing to see the apparel of the masses on the subway, the streets and hallways I passed. Almost no one was hatless or without a scarf and in many cases, they did not come off once a person went inside!

I had on a felted number that I made long ago that is so warm it can only be pulled out on sub-zero days. But it isn’t really very pretty (awful color)! But who says you have to look frumped while staying warm? I went home and wanted to dig through the rest of my hats because I also had a bulky alpaca number I made (and re-made) that was a beautiful aqua blue. But, like a lot of the things in my house, it’s disappeared through either packing or give away after the flood this fall. I’m hoping it’s in a box somewhere where I stuffed it in the frenzy and will pop up like a happy crocus does in spring, to delight me once more.

In the meantime, I’m working away on some new ones!

This is a WestSide cap I’m making from some plain grey yarn I scored at a garage sale long ago. There were three little skeins and I knew they’d come in handy one day. The label reads: Fleece Gold (!) Knitting Worsted 4 ply Pull-EASY Skein 98% Knot Free (how they do that?)

It was from a company called Regon Worsted Co, INC in Portland, OR (sez right there: Pioneers of Western Yarns).

I wonder in what might be considered knitting’s heyday (the 50’s? the 60’s?), how many yarn companies were making those workhorse kinds of yarn? A lady in Chicago told me you could buy great wool worsted yarn at the grocery stores here, I think it was Jewel. Imaging going into Safeway or Kroger and seeing a whole huge display of yarn, maybe right next to the cereal ;p

I’d be a goner, since I Love to Buy Yarn. And then just look it. And touch it. Oh, and knit it, too.

This is going pretty fast — can you see my hair peeking out at the crown?

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