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Friday, December 12, 2008

While Chicago et Illinois, has been busy going to H*ll in a you know, I’ve been busy making hats!

The cool blue of the Cassidy cardi I’m knitting threw me into a stash-diving frenzy one evening after an especially brutal day of newsmaking on the streets…

Our sitting (for how long?) governor was pinched by the FBI for what they characterized as a “political crime spree” that left many of us standing in the freezing icy rain for hours as he was transported, evidence gleaned and oaths uttered.

Even the most temperate citizen of our Fair City was aflame with disbelief; from the politicians to the fry cooks, it was a moment like no other.

Not mentioned? Did the President Elect really need such events to drain away the positive energy and momentum he’s been building for weeks now downtown at the Hilton, introducing his team, trying to seed confidence in a New Year’s horizon…

I’ve been on the beat, even on his bus, following in close proximity for day after day the press conferences and events as he readies his ship to sail. Even I was struck dumb by the proceedings!

By late afternoon on Wednesday, following a bad cold, I’d lost my voice completely, which was probably a good thing because I couldn’t think of anything good to say about the house the Guv built any way. o.m.g.

So instead of off with his head, it’s On with some Hats!

I’m on a slow cool blue grey riff right now. It calms me. It soothes. And it’s going to be alright.

Women’s Wear Dailey weighs in on the Guv’s coif: “Jack Lord from ‘Hawaii 5-0’ called. He wants his look back…”

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