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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks so much to everyone for wishing my Mom well! She’s slowly progressing and going on with rehab. The place where she is staying is so wonderful I have the best hopes…

In the interests of Knitting Science, and because I’m probably a geek(!), I decided to do a little experiment with my fiber fest yarn. This Cormo/Cross chocolately goodness came in ~4 oz skeins with no yardage given on the labels.

By doing a wraps-per-inch test, I’d guesstimated the lot to come in around 220 yds, like other worsted weight yarns in the 11 WPI range.

But my little scale was staring me in the face yesterday and I decided to try something different. I used my skein winder to wind off a little ball of yarn and then weighed it. Then I measured the yarn from the ball…

RESULT: one ounce of my lovely C/C has (approximately) 60 yds which means I probably have enough to go all the way!

That is not surprising, because it is light feeling and not as dense as some other yarns of this type. In fact, the Ram Wools Selkirk that I used for the original Ariann sample comes in at 272 yds per 4 oz skein and knits beautifully to this gauge.

Oh, that’s enough for me to do a little happy dance because I was thinking I would be that knitter who gets one inch away from the finish line and POOF!

Runs out of yarn

I hope this doesn’t slow down my knitting though…

Laura from Beautiful West Michigan writes: “Ya mean if I knit faster it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll have enough yarn if it looks like I’m running out?!?! Do you do that too? Faster = More yarn.”

Here’s hoping!!!

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