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Friday, November 7, 2008

brand new day, brand new sock…

Although this little sock has gone on the move in my pocket for a couple of weeks in Chicago, it is seriously on the highway now: we’re both up in Northern Lower Michigan. My Mom fell and fractured her pelvis so we’ve transplanted to the Comfort Inn Cadillac for a spell :)

It’s been gorgeous up here and the peaceful weather is comforting and healing to her. She has a great room with a view in a local rehab place and they are the most wonderful people, helping and teaching and supporting…

The little sock is getting to be a big sock now! My game plan: faux cables to decorate; ribbing to manage the yarn blend (wool/hemp). So far so nice…

The yarn came from a trio of small yardage onesies harvested from StitchesMW: top of the sock is yarn from one skein; the top ribbing, heel and toes is a deeper tone, and the foot, a little lighter tone than the leg. I picked my favorite to show on that part and let the least favorite be the foot. I’m hoping that I’ll have enough yarn to take it to the finish line!

Methinks excitement and anxiety about yardage makes me knit faster sometimes! And I’ve noticed I have had several projects where this is the underlying rub: recently I started an Ariann sweater out of chocolate colored Cormo Cross yarn from the Michigan Fiber Fest.

No yardage was given on the skein tags, so I guestimated it by weighing the skeins. Each one had ~4 oz. I added up the weight, did a WPI test (11) which matches my substitution range. Then came the fun part: faith. I looked at the spin and loft and twist characteristics of the yarn strand itself and determined that like much Barn Yarn (and this is the yummiest most beautifully spun I’ve seen thus far), this was perhaps processed in one of the mills that takes fleeces from small producers. The yardage for those types of yarns is approx. 210-215 yards, which puts me a little short for my size. Now the excitement begins!

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