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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Yarnie FUN! More AWOL UFOs!

Among the nooks and crannies of many of the boxes that were thrown together weeks ago were stuffed partially knitted things. Sleeve, bodies (OOOOH Halloweeeeeen!!), and feet, erm, socks.

The Mystery: Ye Olde Sock Mojo having left the building in a big way left half-baked onesies (current count 10). SHOCKING? Some of these are 1″ long; two were an entire foot; some were shorties in various lengths.

Solved: many of these were whimsical preludes to a design. In the process, one sketches with pencil, paper and…


I would hit an idea full force and pick up the needles and have a go (this is happening right now with a scarf idea). Sometimes the sketch makes it all the way to the finish line. Sometimes, it gets binned and basketed and piled and stashed until VOILA. The Sketcher decides to move along.

Here you see two sock ideas, rather the aftermath of two sock ideas.

STR was a big temptation here; the stitch patterns enticed me too, but the results were ultimately off by texture and gauge, especially the differences between medium and lightweight. In the end (which landed Saturday), they were frogged, skeined and washed to be on to a better day. Walking away from a project can do many things to clear the *air* in one’s head and end up making you finish or retreat and this time it was a run to the sink, because that is some fine yarn to be just sitting around doing a zombie impression of a sock!

through random drawing

Jen Conrad

winning the Sage Green Yarn!!!

THANKS to everyone who entered and played! More trick or treats coming soon…

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