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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Tales from Under the Couch: FOUND! Three little skeins of hemp/wool sock yarn gleaned from StsMidWest (by Dzined).

These adorable little onesies were too irresistable to pass up; each one was about 140 yds of yarn and it seemed like three fraternal triplets would be fun to mix and match.

The top ball is darker than two which were almost alike. I split the most similar two balls into four pieces to try and do matching legs and feet, then will use the darker stuff on the cuffs, heels & toes…

I did this old school: measured off the yardage using my arm to the shoulder joint as the Ruler (37 in.). then I measured half of that count into a smaller portion and wound it up.

Somewhere along the way (erm, late summer ’07), I completely lost my Sock Mojo!

Maybe it was just too hot to knit. Maybe it alll those tiny tiny stitches. Maybe it was just boring to have a plain old St st sock in my pocket. This Fortissima sock has stalled.

But after finding my triplets, I’m itching to be knitting a sock again out of this yarn. It is variegated with orange teal aqua lilac and although it looks somewhat subtle on the screen, it is very very pleasing in the wild.

And on the needle. I’ve started a simple ribbed sock, patterned after my favorites (photo at right) from this type of yarn. The yarn was handpainted by Debbie from Dzined, a company that has very sadly discontinued production…

The original hemp/wool sock used the 56 Stitch, 56 Row Pattern in 2 x 2 ribbing on the cuff and foot. This time around, I’m going to try something different and EASIER!

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