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Thursday, October 9, 2008

pardon our dust…

One Week Later: Here we are, doin’ the dozens (well, 11.5 doughnuts to be exact so far) and it’s time to go up on the dress form! This is a speedy little knit, and it’s been progressing nicely. There’s only 2.5 doughnuts left to go before the bottom ribbing.

The dressform is sharing space with lots and lots of things which you can see piled ceiling high behind it. There’s about 3 layers of stuff packed in boxes, my stash, books, drawers, lights, gear and who knows all stacked and living under curtains from the other rooms. I am slightly excited even typing this because the whole thing is such a pile of Humpty Dumpty that it could, well, let’s not think about that ;p

Things have progressed a lot since I last wrote about the renovation saga due to flooding here at Chez Chic. Posting in ye olde blog has been lighter than I like (it’s a journal, no it’s a blog, oh it’s my work, yes it’s my life) because I have spent much of my free time packing and emptying the rooms to be fixed and because of a flame renaming this blog the “sob story: trials and tribulations of your oh-so-tramatic rehab”.

I admit it. Packing is not my favorite activity, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who likes it and I am not ashamed to cry about it. I only like it now that it’s covered by curtains and waiting for its cue. :) Lot’s of the other work in the unit is getting to the point where I can see the boxes in the spotlight again soon, dancing their way onstage and getting back to normal. Unpacking is hella more fun than packing! My bathtub is filled with stuff too; I put a polar fleece blanket on the bottom of the tub and a quilt and filled it with all the lamps and breakables like pictures. My knitting projects have been living in that bathtub too, in a basket on top of all the other stuff. I like looking at them and I do not know why. :)

But I do know I’m having a ball knitting those doughnuts! Just that little pattern interest fore and aft seems to make me want to finish a row. Lots of knitters have told me this over the years and I must agree and shout: TIME to make the, you know…

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