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Monday, September 1, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Just when you thought we’d completely rounded the corner back to the future, beloved traditions remain: the Church Bake Sale!

Up north in Michigan this weekend, Lutheran Ladies presented their Famous Pies, destined to benefit the Church Building Fund.

And it was up for grabs!!!

My mother, who had arrived 15 minutes beyond the starting time last year was determined not to leave empty-handed this year. I drove her to the sale and she was second in line this time and we got to watch the pies being delivered.

Every time a pie passed the threshold, the excitement increased!

One gentleman delivered two absolutely gorgeous Peach Pies, commenting on his way in they were made from local fruit (a PLUS!) but lost all points when he exited carrying a swapped Coconut Cream Pie, thereby lowering that delicious possibility for the ever-growing line.

My mother, who now uses her cane as a walking device and a mobile punctuation point, raised it and declared, “Not Fair!”

One lady disregarded the line altogether and poked her head in the door, declaring she had a Beauty Appointment and would they just put one Peach Pie and one Pecan Pie aside for her. Regrettably, they did and the pies were placed on the wide sill of the front window and there they sat deliciously mocking the Line, who still waited with 5 minutes to go, suffering in rank and file.

There are no words to describe the little smile Ms. Line Cutter threw over her shoulder as she flounced away but I can report it was torn to pieces by the crowd.

Our bounty, clockwise, from l. to r. — the fabulous Peach Pie #2, a Pecan Pie, and an Apple Crisp Pie.

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