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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here we are, over a week into the Games, and the little sample project is growing, and it is getting more exciting (to me) by inch’n’stitch.

Sometimes the incremental nature of knitting really fascinates me. One minute you’ve barely just begun and then all of a sudden a transformation takes place and suddenly it’s an object with dimension and depth and planes.

Knitting stitches are a lot like Legos (or bricks) and they build to shape and purpose never as exactly smooth as, for example, woven fabric, but much better in their own way.

Hee. They’re functional and perhaps amusing in a way like my favorite, the Lego helicopter, approximates the real deal. It’s built by blocks, piece-by-piece…

Then, layer by layer, the object takes shape and just when you think it’s going too slowly, boom! it’s bigger once again. My sample jumped twice. Once about 4 inches into the yoke and once, big time as you see it now.

At this point, one must try it on then give it a rest on le mannequin and observe.

I’ve been looking at this while eating a toasted bagel with peanut butter.

I’m tickled by both ;p

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