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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the Headlines: Four Hours! 9,361 Lightening Strikes!
Laura writes: “This was the first time I headed for the basement for a Chicago storm–when the sirens go off, the radio alert mentions your neighborhood by name and you live in an attic, its time to hide!”

Well, I think I’m almost done freaking out over this round of thunderstorms that hit Chicagoland on Monday.

Maybe not.

They say that the lightening was firing off at more than 800 bolts per minute and yes. I think that was true.

The light and something like a charge filled my living room and was relentless!

Did I mention I actually went and sat in my bathtub for about 45 minutes during the worst of it? There are no windows in that room and I could not go to the ground level (garden level not really a basement) because of the 75 mph gale force winds and rain…

Most of the really bad stuff was NW of my neighborhood, but I was sad to see my beloved Buckeye tree at the end of my street had been damaged and was in trouble…

My neighbor upstairs couldn’t go to work because he found that a live electric line had fallen across his pick-up truck and the CPD and ComEd were standing guard over it while it wiggled and sparked!

This was right up the street from me!

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