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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mobile @Studio Chic Knits means only one thing: the Bus. Joining me, now that my pulli is finished, is a BC hoodie.

The design process over here is always wrapped up in fantasies of what I want to wear, what my fancy is shopping for mentally that will merge right into the current closet over here in the City. Now you must know, even though the samples might come off my needles, they don’t go on my back except for short fits and tweaks during the making thereof. This creates such ENVY in my fashionista heart that it almost breaks in two until I cast on one for myself…

So onto ye sticks went one cardigan destined to bridge the seasons come September (its sooner than you think)! This one is Stone colored Cotton Ease and is at the place where fear and stalling might happen to wash over one with a vengeance not unlike a summer storm:
le Sleeves…

Let me just take a moment away from the knitting and say MOTHER NATURE! WHAT is going on with the incredible fulminations?! Last night, I huddled in a bunch on the couch in the evening and then levitated in bed later in the night! At one point, my arms were drawn up on my chest, lookin’ like a bunny hop with my hanging hands, but it was just a total body cringe.

If it could be described, I would imagine this is what it’s like to be in the smack dab center of a fireworks display thrown by Zeus with pyrotechnics by Hades. The lightening was relentless! The thunder drowned out all sound!

BOOOM boomba Boom Boom Boom Boom!


Non-stop for, hmm, I lost count after about 10 minutes when I started quivering like a little chihuahua…

Chic Knits Basic Chic Hoodie

I just opened the blinds and it is almost light out. The storm has passed leaving scattered droplets on my windows. The sky still looks slightly off-color; perhaps Round Three is ready to begin?

I’m headed for the bus soon and will continue with some rounds of my own…

…for pattern info (no estimated eta onsite baby we’re swamped), we are pleased to offer the notify list here

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