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Friday, August 15, 2008

chic knits knitting patterns

A sleeve is a happy thing :)

A knitted sleeve made with one’s own hands even more jolly!

It also intrigues and amuses one’s busmates on the CTA #66! No longer is there confusion about what you might be doing or making.

It’s a sweater!

And even in the humidity and dank air of the bus, viewers are refreshed because 99.9% of the hot sweaty passengers who gaze on le Sleeve are thinking of the coming winter.

They most likely say, “Yes, it will be cool soon…”

And they Feel cooler instantly thinking about it…

Regardless, it is the Wishful Fickle Thinking of the Regular Midwesterner. As soon as its hot, they long for the cold. When it’s cold, they fantasize about the heat. Even on a day such as Tuesday, which was almost perfect, several people commented to me that it was “more likes September, than August” which for me is a lively thumbs up, but for them was a not really.

I’m already on to the second sleeve; it goes at the max about two inches a ride at a relative speed of 35 mph on Chicago Avenue, faster once we get to Michigan Ave and really blazing when nearing my stop. Coming and going its always a race to the end of the round at Ashland or Huron especially on those times when I’m daydreaming generally about the winter or the fit of Phelps racer suit.

This sweater is the Basic Chic Hoodie which is available from retailers …HERE’s a List… (please call first for availibity). No ETA for a downloadable; am totally swamped with a deadline project in the house…

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When your subcultural references bypass your reality
strange brews are distilled…

Case in point.

Myself and several other thousand people are knitting projects in something called the Ravelympics, my event being WIP Wrestling. This duel is perfect for me and the sample you see above which is under a deadline. With the lovely little push the group is giving me, it might even get done.

I knit almost 7″ on it yesterday and by the time you read this, maybe 2 more. The speed knitting is being done in the glare of the big screen, the Peacock’s global broadcast of Beijing: the swimmer’s the biker’s the vollyball kidz. They’re all egging me on without even knowing, sharing their spark by proxy as I mentally jump into their spray [Phelps!]

My alter-ego was lucky enough to meet a real live contender last week, one Larry Langowski, a Chicago fellow with dual citizenship. He was getting ready to jet Beijing and be part of Team Mexico as a world class Wrestler.

For some reason, I could not resist telling Larry and Larry’s Mom about the knitting olympics! All of a sudden I was gushing and rattling off all the glory details about my Team! Exciting! A fine Thing!

In about 4 seconds their brows met in a HUH? Vee over their nose and their eyes went slowly blank. This is the part where someone is so very hypmotized by whatever you’re saying that they can’t hear you. Anymore. All they can do is nod their head slightly, but of course, in the affirmative, but they Can’t Hear You!

And did I catch these clues and zippit?

No Way!

I said something like, “It’s really cool, I can’t wait, it’s so excitiing!”

And by gawd, it is! If you like, you can catch Larry wrestling Men’s Freestyle 120 kg on August 21…

Today’s Symbols from l. to r. :
Mei = beautiful, pretty; Ji = lucky, auspicious, propitious

Monday, August 11, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

chic knits knitting patterns

Even a person who isn’t superstitious knows about Lucky.

No, not that Spencer guy on General Hospital or the magazine or the cigs, we’re talking Good Fortune…

Friday was super lucky: 08-08-08.

I was lucky enough to be in Chinatown here in Chicago on 08-08-08 and decided to extend the Double Happiness and got a coupla little kitties to go from a Wentworth Ave. shop.

Now, these are actually Maneki Neko and they originate in Japan but I’ve seen them all over the place and grabbed my cats, who measure 1″ high, there…

From l. to r. :
Right Arm Raised = Happy Home; Left Arm Raised = Big $$$

And just to be sure, I put a double 8 symbol on the right ;p What’s your lucky sign?

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