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Thursday, August 21, 2008


DisSqualified: first WIP opponent in the olympic KAL: WIPWrestling event!

Due to cumulative penalties of False Start, Stalling, and several Illegal Moves including a Full Nelson and a Scissor Hold, our initial nemesis was banished when the final violation of unsportsmanlike conduct & unnecessary roughness occurred!

The Whistle Blows and Opponent #2 makes its appearance on the Mat (erm, needles).

There’s no crying in wrestling, my dears, and we’re off with a new yarn and several tweaks to the knitting and pattern. Even though there’s a deadline, we’ve had to go right back to Row 1!

And I’m glad :)

Designing something combines both theory and practice and sometimes (ha, many times) the two do not MERGE in an expected way and the item simply must be reknit. Case in point here: discovering too late into the making of the bodice that a fundamental process needed a slight change that would make or break the look of the project.

Problem: adjustment needs to begin from the start of the piece. Rip or Ignore?

Well actually, abandon ;p.

Deadlines allow for no rewinds at this pace: the original yarn will be recycled later and used for something else down the line but now is basically given a smokin’ time out.

And then it’s right back on the mat with #2!

And it’s a lucky break! The second yarn choice is a marvelous improvement: better stitch evenness and definition, easier hand and tension.

And, believe it or not, I’m really enjoying myself once again :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here we are, over a week into the Games, and the little sample project is growing, and it is getting more exciting (to me) by inch’n’stitch.

Sometimes the incremental nature of knitting really fascinates me. One minute you’ve barely just begun and then all of a sudden a transformation takes place and suddenly it’s an object with dimension and depth and planes.

Knitting stitches are a lot like Legos (or bricks) and they build to shape and purpose never as exactly smooth as, for example, woven fabric, but much better in their own way.

Hee. They’re functional and perhaps amusing in a way like my favorite, the Lego helicopter, approximates the real deal. It’s built by blocks, piece-by-piece…

Then, layer by layer, the object takes shape and just when you think it’s going too slowly, boom! it’s bigger once again. My sample jumped twice. Once about 4 inches into the yoke and once, big time as you see it now.

At this point, one must try it on then give it a rest on le mannequin and observe.

I’ve been looking at this while eating a toasted bagel with peanut butter.

I’m tickled by both ;p

Monday August 18, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Like many around the world, I’ve been enjoying the OLYMPICS!

My favorites: swimming, volleyball and…

Fencing! (Even though it makes me really nervous, which, but of course, is the fun!)

But what’s making me more nervous than getting poked in the eye with a foil?

Michael Phelps SWIMSUIT!

Now ladies.

I need say nothing more.

But the Chicago Tribune (and thousands of other outlets: 259,000 and counting google results) HAVE mentioned it and made a slideshow for us. (Thanks Trib!)

Now this begs the question…

No Like
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