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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The last time I wrote about this (on May 28th) it was supposed to be on it’s way to another State, finished! I was going to wear it with some polished cotton *denim* trousers and black wedgies at a show.

It never made the runway…

Instead, it continues to be my Wheels-on-the-Bus-Go In-the-Round project! Almost done now, I’m on the las oh there I was typing last sleeve when really since there are never more than 2, the Second Sleeve.

For a long time I’ve avoided bringing my in-the-round projects on the road with me (which could be one of the reasons this one took longer to finish than others) because I don’t like the beating the entire sweater takes when it’s mobile.

Above you see my solution, found by accident, one day when the bus was really crowded and I had to hunker down in my 18 square inches of seating and get to it regardless of bulk. The sleeve was eased away from the folded sweater that stayed for the most part, in my satchel, and because I was knitting it Magic Loop style with a 29″ circular needle, I only had to flip the sleeve back and forth to knit a round. VOILA! This saved on wear-n-tear and tears because the sleeve didn’t get up and twisty on me like the little bast*rds* sometimes can…

A lady that was kitty-corner to me in the back row saw what I was doing and exclaimed: “You’re knitting a sweater in the round!”

She was an experienced hat and mitten knitter who was fluent with the double points but her exposure had not opened up to this part yet; she did not know you could knit a sweater in-the-round. YAY! And did I ever catch her enthusiasm!

“YES!” I blurted happily, “It’s in the round! And I’m knitting a sleeve!” This was perhaps the most excited I’ve ever been about knitting a sleeve, mainly because that sleeve was making someone else’s brain expand all happy like :)

You cannot ask for more, especially on the Bus…

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