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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The corner where my bus stops never looks and sounds the same way twice.

Now that’s it’s warmer, people fill every space: laughter, footsteps, horns, music. The light poles wear banners; the signs flash and pipe at all hours. Dogs wait by newstands next to bikes. Beggars sit in doorways and shake plastic cups half-full of coins at people as they shop to and fro. Whole families walk abreast with their strollers and toddlers small feet try to match the grownup stride.

A few steps around the corner, the sound and air change. The cascade of city fades in the same way the sound of water recedes as you walk away from the fall.

The whole exit from bus to sidewalk to alley to street takes moments and by the time I’m almost at my door, it’s the sound of tree leaves in the wind I hear and I see trembling red roses spilling over my neighbor’s fence just as I turn for my door.

Maybe the little grey filters in my brain via fingertip are looking for a key in my pocket because they do not see anything different at home.

As I unlock the door, the tumblers release and the handle turns and my eyes fall left.

And what to my wondering eyes appear?


Mystery yarn!

During the night my friend Rachel tried to call me (phone off) and ring me (buzzer broken) and just decided to on the spot deliver! (Insert happy feet dancing here…)

WHOA! Thank you so much! It is glorious!

There was a label with the word Ruban and the fiber info so I’ve been digging. BUT there were several European yarns called RUBAN, even a RUBANNE from Anny Blatt.

It means TAPE in French.

So maybe the label indicates type of yarn instead of actual name.

This one has a wonderful mix of fibers; the label reads as 45% cotton, 45% viscose & 10% linen so it isn’t the one from Phildar but maybe the one from Pingoin ;)

By inspection, I think it is DK gauge butofcourse, will swatch to be sure and it is a very lovely heather of natural tones you would find on a sunwashed beach.

I love Summer!

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