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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Did I mention that I LOVE this time of Year? The soft lake effect commands the air and it is fresh and you can feel it on your bare skin.

The fact is that in the Northern Midwest, *bare skin* is almost an oxymoron, and while that might seem incredible to many it is a THRILL to me!

I’ve finally started going sleeveless and am entirely excited about making sleeveless…

My Bettina shell is almost done; here you see it from a rear view; the front is a Work-In-Progress.

Also thrilling, for a few weeks in the summer, I can fiddle with the fanciful and try all sorts of ideas that are not strangled by the calendar. Sometimes these things end up in the public way; sometimes just on my back. This could be one of them, either too fiddly or too exotic, but not too unusual for my bare arms…

I’m already making another one of these (in the mansion of my mind, but of course) out of some Rowan Organic Cotton. And I see another in wool with sleeves and some slight changes. This is making me research all sorts of DK weight yarns, which had become my very favorite lately…

Double Knitting (DK) yarn as I understand it is: 22 sts / 30 rows per 4″/10cm or 5.5 sts / 7.5 rows per 1″. I generally get this gauge using #5 (3.75mm) needles. It makes a wonderful fabric whose general bulk is more flattering to most than yarns even slightly larger but doesn’t break the bank in extra work.

Monday, June 23, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  

I was visiting Uffish, one of my favorite sites, and found a vintage post about something that makes all of us giggle…

Even men snuckle a little when the subject is brought up (but NOT in the way I heave when I hear about sports and a little blue pill) and with Web 2.0 they made it so we can

get all eCard about it!

Progress? Evolution or Revolution?

I say the war’s not over until we get a blog poll that asks: “What kind of period are you?”

…whatever you do, do not play with the Pad-O-Meter

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It’s almost time! Just ten more days and it’s the Big Ride in Boston! This year, Biker Extraordinaire Claudia (sans hubbie) joins another Intrepid Knitter, Michele, in support of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society making the 75 mile (!) ride on June 28 when over 2000 riders will pedal from Quincy, Massachusetts through the coastal towns of Massachusetts’ South Shore to the beginning of Cape Cod.

Top Ten Reasons to Sponsor Knitters Against MS

10. They’re damn fine knitters!

9. They’re damn Great Bikers!

8. They’re riding an Orange Tandem Bike! WOOHOO!

7. Knitters Against Multiple Sclerosis worldwide raises funds for research and needs of people living with MS today.

6. 75 Miles, baby ;p

5. You could win this:

All 16, yup, 16 – hard copy Chic Knits Patterns

4. Because Knitters all over the world united to become the Number One fundraisers for last year’s ride and we can rock again!

3. Even more chances to win Incredible Prizes by donating $10 or more to get all raffled up!

2. You could even win this:

Seven skeins of beautiful Heathery Brown Cascade 220 and an assortment of three patterns that would work it!

1. Because it’s FUN! GO Team GO!

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