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Friday, May 16, 2008

Quince Bush, Tustin, MI

Even though my garden isn’t blooming with fabulous quince, things are really leaning Spring-wise into mid-May and it’s good to be home…

I’ve been lollying around Northern Lower MI for the past several days and when the sun was out, it was glorious! There’s a healing spirit in those hills for me and I need to wander several times a year: it’s the antidote to Chicago. A certain something sets off the Travel Timer; crowds? (standing in line behind 23 people at the corner post office has the impact of a blunt instrument), traffic? (when it takes 20 minutes to go around a block, downtown), people? (club kids stumbling en masse down the middle of my street at 3 am, clueless drunk).

I hit that Urban Trifecta right before I left, BINGO! and it was heavenly to be able to visit the Hamlet that is Tustin, Michigan.

Here’s a place where people have to go to the Post Office to retrieve their daily mail, but the Post Master is a great friend and fount of village news. There is really no traffic to speak of. I almost jumped out of my skin the afternoon BooBoo (see portrait below) saw a single car pass the house and lunged for the window at top volume. Drunk & Disorderlies? Unless you count the real live small herd of turkeys crossing the back yard, no.

and then there’s my Mom!

dishes online (hi Debi!) and my mouth waters, but the closest I usually get is going to the microwave or cereal bowl (I eat my main at noon, usually on the road). So it’s the biggest treat for me to eat *at home*.

I even had corn-on-the-cob which usually doesn’t happen until Summer!

AND believe it or not, my travel mission was accomplished. It is not unusual to end up at a church potluck dinner in Northern Lower, and one can come away with some fine, fine, recipes to take back to the City to wow and amaze the friends! (Notice, I’m still not cooking but I am talking with everyone who will listen about F.O.O.D. always).

This time I returned the favor. When we were getting ready to eat our ears, I asked for the parmesan and pepper shakers! This is how we do it (get the party started, TGIF): in Chicago, all over the place (right smack on my corner when I get off the #66 after work) is the Elote Man, the cart guy, who serves up the corn, after coating it in Squeeze Parkay, mayo, parmesan and pepper. Even that Paragon of Knowledge, Wikipedia, knows this about my Fair City…

“Elote (Nahuatl: elotl) or choclo (Quechua) is a popular street food served in Mexico. It consists of a roasted corn on the cob. In Mexico, Chicago, and in the south of the United States, it is customary to consume elotes like a popsicle on a stick or by grasping the roasted husk of the ear of corn that have been pulled down to form a “handle”. Hot chile sauce can be spread on the elote as well as other condiments such as butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese, lemon juice, and salt. Powdered lemon pepper seasoning is used on elote in Texas.”

I didn’t have any popsicle sticks with me (I’m sure my mother probably had some from around 1973 hanging around somewhere) but when I buttered the corn, peppered and parmed it, there were audible gasps everywhere…

Throw your hands up. Dance…

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year has what I consider maybe the BEST Holiday of the year: Mother’s Day!

Wishing you all the very best, especially the new Mom’s out there! Seeing you all with your new babes in arms is a joy and a gift I didn’t expect to find online :)

My family is celebrating my Mom’s 5th year of being cancer-free this weekend. It was at this time of the year in 2003 that she went through treatment for Ovarian Cancer and with the help of the fabulous Dr. Wood in Cadillac, MI, beat it! We couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all (Grammas, Aunts too)! And I’ll be in spirit with the Knitter’s for Knocker’s Group as they make their trek for Breast Cancer Research on Saturday…

…I took the picture of the antique roses above in the gardens at Giverny. They are very much like the one’s that lined our back fence when I was growing up and made me smile and think of my Mom when I saw them. One of my earliest memories is of my Mom outside gardening and the happiness that grew…

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Like a politician’s stance on the issues, what you see might not be what you get. The front of this piece is turned to the back as I fiddle and flake its look around. I’ve ripped it once; I might rip it again!

The combination of the yarns is working for me and I like the cool contrast of color and crunchy texture. The bodice is evolving…

We have evidence of SPRING! all around the neighborhood and even though it makes my nose run, the excitement and longing for the warmth just builds and builds. I want to Go Sleeveless!

I was running around yesterday in my shirt sleeves and my pale little arms just couldn’t get enough air. Time to pull out the free weights and get some Remedial Tricep action though, the looooong winter made for some droooopy muscles.

I dreamt last night I suddenly had an extra room in my condo. Somehow, even though I live on the second floor, this room was on the first floor and had a wall of glass that opened onto a deck that faced wooded rolling hills. Boxes were cleared out (stage left of dreamworld god only knows where they went) and I put in my weight bench and a step-machine! WHAT is my subconscious trying to tell me??!!! Here I was, in the middle of the night doing Tricep Flies. AH! If only it could happen while I sleep. I always loved those Behavioural Mod Tapes you could strap on and play during the night to quit smoking or learn a lanquage…

This is such pitiful wishful thinking but really, if you ponder yesterday’s entry on PIZZA, it comes as no surprise. Many of us in the wake of an extended winter have what I fondly refer to as “the Pudge” a little poof of a belly, unwanted, unloved, mocked by me when I first noticed it on age 10 on my Aunt P. Now it mocks me back but I don’t have that lovely workout room. I’ll have to carry on in the living room on a mat [in front of the TV snark isn’t there a show called Men in Trees?]. Wish me luck~!

Ooh La La, speaking of luck, over on the Sexy Knitters Club, the Aleita Shell is being voted on as one of their nominations for their next KAL. THANKS SO MUCH, ladies, that means a lot and I appreciate it :)

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