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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dare I say it: I love to frog things…

There’s something really satisfying about *un-zipping* those neat little stitches, even if you’re left with a bigger mess than the one you’re trying to fix…

After I used a seam ripper to remove the left zipper piece (I always make the Left Buttonband first to know how to space my buttonholes on the Right Buttonban), I ran into a snag…

Because I trimmed a too-long zipper to fit the front edge, I had to reinforce the top part to make a zipper stop. I used buttonhole thread and really made a nice tack in that area and also made a buttonhole stitch at the top of the tape so it wouldn’t unravel.

This proved really hard to take out and off course, I wonked the collar portion quite a bit. The collar was added after the original band was knit on the fronts. My game plan was to frog the band and save the *live sts* of the collar for later re-attachment. It sounds more evil than it really is: easy…

But I damaged a couple of rows and really panicked before I just cowboy’d up and realized all I had to do was attach the new ball of yarn and KNIT the TWO ROWS I killed. Duh.

Then it was a cake walk to use that same working yarn to pick up the front sts, as shown below, waiting for their turn now on the needle…

Pattern by Shirley Paden, Vogue Magazine Fall 2002

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