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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Spring Cleaning (and knitting) continues! All of a sudden, digging through the shelves, I’m finding a whole bunch of fun colors and textures that have been lanquishing for quite awhile.

Besides the BETTINA yarn, I unearthed something light & limey; a gauze-y wide ribbon of a yarn called ROMA by Lang (seen at the rear of the picture). It’s a sure thing for a nice trapeze tank top but the kicker is a ball of Berroco ZEN that turned up that is essentially a shiny ribbon with etched edges in the same tone as the ROMA. Originally purchased to make a purse, the ZEN yarn is now going to become the neckband of the tank.

What’s a little exciting besides the contrasting textures of the two ribbons is the slight minty iridescence of the shiny one. It should make very lively icing on top of the slightly crunchy body of the shell.

The rest of the yarns are leftovers. l. to r. Gedifra POESIE; Trendsetter DOLCINO; ggh BASTIA; and a pretty cotton Steel Blue Mystery Guest. That yarn was used for a cardigan entirely knit in garter stitch and whilst it was quite modern and beautiful, it weighted a ton and was almost impossible to wear because it wore you. Even so, I wore the thing to SHREDS because it was such a pretty blue…

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My little shell is growing as fast as the tulips coming up out of the ground in the yard!

The gauge for the Vittadini Betinna yarn is 14 sts / 21 rows per 4″ using #9 needles and it is much faster knitting than say, DK!!

The handling of the yarn is something else though.

It is a papery neon chartruese ribbon wrapped in taupe colored string, not unlike another yarn called Bastia (from ggh, discontinued, Rebecca pattern, no info available) that I made a favorite pullover from:

I have to say, I had small expectations for this pullover, but even with repeated wearings and washings (it is cotton, wrapped with linen), it still looks good and is fresh

The Betinna is a little more bumpy and a lot more high maintenance to knit with. The string wrap causes it to bunch up on itself, (not unlike another yarn called Homespun!) until you have a pile-up of the base fiber. I believe it is time to re-skein the stuff and put it *on the Rack* ie. my little ribbon reeler! Maybe this will make it behave — anybody have success working with these types of wrapped yarns?

Call me crazy, but I find working with these alternate fibers very fun and challenging! A look over my portfolio reveals the use of mainline, traditional type yarns. I seem to be really drawn to the plain finish yarns: Jo Sharp DK, Cascade 220, Rowan Calmer, Tahki Cotton Classic, Sirdar Breeze…

It is refreshing to go rumble around with some other types of STRING.

Here’s a flash-from-the-past of garments made with ribbon-y yarn…

From l. to r. 3XChic in Homespun, Pullover in Dolcino, Shell in Anny Blatt Bijou, Pullover made from a yarn called Venue

I have a whole lot of leftovers so we shall see what we shall see…

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