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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy find deserves wacky photo…

The never-ending adventure of Spring Cleaning has turned up a large smile over a small ball of yarn :)

Now I can fix something that’s been bugging me for a long, long time.

One of my very favorite sweaters (Shirley Paden, Vogue Magazine Fall 2002) has been lanquishing in the closet for much too long. It’s made from Filatura di Crosa 501 and I have enough to make a little change…


For a reason not remembered or apparent, I went with a zipper. A very pretty fuschia zipper but in the end, its stiff tape made the thing impossible to wear. Not only was it uncomfortable, when seated, the tape made something that can only be referred to as a third breast between and slightly under my own dynamic duo…

Now I love my zipped sweaters! But all but this one have two-way zippers, so one can manage the way the garment bulges or give the girls some air or just make a nice small connection along the front instead of a zipped-up-tight little lock-down.

My ode to Spring: rip the zip(per) out and do it the old-fashioned way: Buttons.

Some historical buttonholing
Lesley’s Button collection
Types of Buttons
Really Big Buttons
Distinctive Buttons
History of the Button…

Did you know? “… that the left-side buttons on women’s clothes may have been intended to facilitate nursing an infant on the side closest to the woman’s heart…men’s coats were designed to make it easier for them to unbutton their coats with their left hand while drawing their swords with their right.”

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Now, while the wheels are going round and round, I’m going round and round on this pulli.

For some reason, the Sock Knitting Muse has Left the Building but not the time spent commuting. Now time on the bus, especially the #66, can be very challenging. One needs a project that has portability, simplicity and the dropability because on a moments notice, things change and it must go into the bag post haste.

Riding public transportation is an exercise in trust in your fellow man. We’ve all seen the pictures of those subway cars in Tokyo which set the bar for packing people in as tightly as possible. I like to call this the Spam in a Can effect (SiC). IF you are lucky enough to have a seat, life goes on; book reading, newpapers, music (if you’re the iPod guy with the shaky leg up on me, I pity you!), knitting, eating, etc. People all stuffed together and standing talk on their phones, read (yes!) or just go-with-the-flow as part of the larger aisle jellySpam they are.

This makes me recall an experience on the #66 where two people squeezed on the bus through the back door. [WARNING: This immediately creates ill-will with the established riders!] The *stowaways* never pay a fare; most often they are anti-social. These 2 folks carried into the coach an argument started at the door as the drunker of the two spotted a seat and pushed her way into it. Surprisingly, the second person sat next to her and The Game Began!

Insults flew fast and furious and were quite amusing as one side quipped Yuppy Insults (You’re RUDE!) and the other quite street (You UGLY!) until suddenly Yuppy commented, “Now you didn’t have to pull out the box cutter…”

Now if I hadn’t been knitting something that could go quickly into the ether, more than my post-work stupor whould’ve been lost! Come to think of it, that was the last sock I knit on the bus…

This project is so easy I can stop anywhere on the round at all and pick it up and continue at will, whether surrounded by sociopaths or my buds on knit night!

go ahead say WHOA!
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Monday, April 14, 2008

  Monday Morning Mirth  




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