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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chic Knits Eyelet Cardi

Need a good way to squash that Cabin Fever!?
Round up a few friends and finish something!

I, with the help of Glenda Jackson, Vin Diesel, and Larry McMurtry, finished Two Sleeves…


And I liked it!

I’ll admit a Whine Fest large enough to challenge Pine Mountain ususally accompanies the knitting of the Sleeve.

I’m not sure what happened but this time it just clicked.

After a bit of panic when I started knitting down, in-the-round, it went well. At first, the replaced stitches looked larger and so did the fabric I was knitting. Very Slightly. Although I’ve read about gauge change from flat to round, it hadn’t been a problem for me before. Maybe the yarn (wool/cotton)? Maybe my tension? I examined my needles in the size being used and went to try another manufacturer, ie. started on Inox #5 (3.75mm) changed to Addi #5 (3.75mm). My unscientific squinting look at the needles through the opening in my metal gauger seemed to show that the Addi filled the hole less.

Once that was resolved, it was full speed ahead. I found that if I left the garment folded, inside out, in my lap, I could just flip the sleeve area back and forth to knit it.

Back & forth? Hmm. The beauty of the Magic Loop!

One of my pet annoyances with top-down knitting is the wear & tear the garment gets just in the making. Anything I can do to minimize that is key. The ML method allows you to keep the whole shebang pretty stationary, with minimal friction from tossing & turning; the slipperiness of the Addi’s moves the stitches well enough that changing from side-to-side to finish a round goes smoothly.

The only snag? I am not entirely pleased with my bind off (in ribbing). Anybody have a favorite, neat method for binding off ribbing?


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