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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Karma writes: …”Do you have any words of wisdom on choosing a sweater shaver or on how to use one? Or is it as simple as just buying one and doing it? :)”.

Funny you should ask!

On my way home last night, upon contemplating another very long winter storm (um, THUNDERSNOW!!!)

Winter storm warning. Rain/sleet south, snow/sleet Chicago and north and west, becoming all snow, turning heavy. Worst conditions mid- to late morning into afternoon. Strengthening northeast winds, 35-50 m.p.h. gusts. Drifting snow. Possible thundersnow with whiteout conditions. 8-14 inches Chicago, and north and west. 1-3 inches far south.

I popped into the corner Walgreen’s Pharmacy.

To my delight, I found another supersize shaver, which is called the Fuzz Wizard!

You can see it above with my little shaver (called a Precision) and a pencil, for scale. [The Pencil also smells like Root Beer! Hmm. Cabin Fever, anyone?!?]

I’ve always just bought these things right off the shelf. However, it wasn’t until I draped the sweater over a padded chair seat that I got really great results. Their instructions basically say: Lay the Fabric on a flat surface, straighten the fabric you are shaving, use a gentle motion without excessive pressure, and clean the head often.

I found that if the shaver seems to slow down, it could be that there is a pile-up of fuzz in the head chamber. Unscrew the ring and blow the chunks out over a trash bin! (Keep your eyes closed.)

Finish up your shaving by going over the sweater lightly with one of those velcro-like surfaced lint brushes to pick up any stray fibers.

I just revived a very old black Bartlett yarns favorite Ribby! Squeeeee….

Happy Shaving!

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