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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


…but of course you could see this one
comin’ from a million miles away…

I’ll admit it. I love shining shoes.

I also love shaving sweaters ;p

My wool Scoop du Jour made from barn yarn became more and more fuzzy the longer I wore it (all the time). It also got softer and more comfortable! I think sometimes a sweater needs a break-in period to get to its fine comfy wearable place. Like blue jeans…


This was a mixed blessing because as you can see here, the surface of the sweater was littered with pills of all sizes and shapes. The green yarn was from an eBay score and I’m not sure what the wool source was, other than it appeared to be mule spun. Now sometimes that’s great (hard twist = better wear) but depending on the spin and wool content you can get that *adjustment* phase where the yarn sheds or pills because of the soft, short fiber lengths in the yarn. The short fibers come to the surface in places where friction then rubs them together into little balls and a Pill is born…


So it was Off with Its Thread! and using my little shaver (somehow I’ve lost the supersize FuzzMaster), I put the sweater over the smooth padded surface of a dining room chair and had at it. I think you’ll agree that it looks much better now!


And, who could resist looking at the aftermath? Not I. Now those nasty pills are just a harmless pile of fluff…

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