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Friday, January 11, 2008


Since this new threads Friday was rudely interrupted by a trip behind the Frog Shed, it was only fitting that something else spring from the ashes besides the original project while we waited for the yarn to dry.

My Selkirk Beryl is too big to go on the bus, but what you see on the left is just the right size. It is a pulli, of which I have too few, and it is being knit out of a cotton blend (now this is really moving forward)…

Beryl just needs buttonbands, a neckband and sleeve setting. I do my best finishing on weekend mornings, when the coffee is flowing and the sun is filling the room. During the week, like most toiling Midwesterners, I get up in the dark, and come home in the dark. Weekends are about the only time I really get to enjoy the power of the morning sun.

Since I started this week off musing about last year’s trends, I thought I’d finish it off with another type of inventory. Le Chic Knitting Blog is after all, a workshop, a studio, both a palace of works-in-progress, but also those that have gone beyond…

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