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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


… John, I’m only dancing…

Looking at the above, you can see I’ve been knitting some too.

But these are not ordinary works-in-progress. These are a whooping pile of swatches, false starts, and AWOL ideas.

My favorite is the sleeve at the upper left. It’s yarn is now swimming in a gentle lukewarm bath to get pretty before it’s back on the needles for a Final Fling! The stitch pattern originally planned for this design just Did Not Work. And sometimes, you do not find these fatal flaws until you are almost at the finish line. You have to choose. Mediocrity? Lack of Symmetry? Or a trip behind the Fiber Woodshed for a good old fashioned Frogging…

I chose to take my licks and do believe in the long run short-term pain is worth long-term regret. [Sort of a marry in haste; repent in leisure, yarn style, but I have to say at this very moment, at 5:18 am, it smarts in a most peculiarly poignant way. I had just finished sewing in both sleeves and held them up to bask in their glow when the FF slapped me sharply upside the head. OMG. I almost fainted.]

Notice the taupe cabling on the left? That was the first Twist front that was just too painful to rip when several discrepancies were found in progress. It was more than lucky that I had just enough yarn to redo that piece without a frog fest.

In the middle is a amethyst duo, a couple of lower body treatments for a design.

I especially adore the 4 skinny pieces towards the bottom: these approach sanity in a way the others can’t. They show that at some point it is better to cut bait and row quickly away.

This is, but of course, one of my favorite philosophies. It is like the way a policeman takes control of a potentially hazardous situation on the street that is gathering an audience and he barks, “There’s nothin’ to look at here. Move along!”

Moving forward. Much more pleasant than wallowing in the dust.

Better go stick my hands in those sudz…

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