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Monday, December 24, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  


FUG & nonFUG Ghosts from my Xmas Past
(for every year from 2001

Friday, December 21, 2007


Let them eat Sugar Plums!

And cookies. And fudge.

The gift knitting is d.o.n.e.

I finished this hat yesterday while stuck in traffic on the #66. It’s been quite exciting commuting the roughly 3 miles from my house to downtown; everywhere there are people last minute shopping; the crowds are extra large it seems.

It took until right about Tuesday afternoon for the Spirit to hit me. I love this time of year when suddenly everybody goes smiley face, well almost everybody!

And when the chores are done, all that’s left is to party and enjoy!

This Cassidy’s Cap went very fast, faster than I thought it would and I really like the softness of this version. The yarn is Rowan Kid Classic in #840 Crystal and it’s a soft icy grey.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

***** New Threads Thursday *****
Miss Dashwood in Wensleydale Longhair Wool


why I adore the CTA

Any given weekend before Christmas can be chock full of shopping, parties, recitals, services, homecomings, travel…

If you live in the area known as the Great Lakes Region, it can also be FULL of exciting unpredictable Weather…

Imagine getting ready to go to your company xmas party. You’ve picked the outfit; you’ve even made a feisty little femmie wrapper to decorate yourself FESTIVe in the holiday spirit of it all.

Around 4 pm, Mother Nature starts hemming and hawing and pelting the Region with everything liquid and cold, solid in ice.

WHY get up off the couch and put on the eye liner?

WHY sacrifice the open-toed opera pumps to the inches and inches of sleet snow and ice that is piling up outside on the trees and streets?

Because it’s CHRISTMAS and you’re a girl!

You want to wear the Dress :)

You want to TWIRL!!!

Even when you find no taxi within 30 miles is going to come take your powdered, coiffed, sprayed (and booted) self to the party site, you are not deterred!

You go to the corner and catch the damn bus. The incredible, the magnificent # 66.

Your Chariot!


Your fellow crews clean up real good and that Band! Isn’t it
the Blues Bros. that plays at the Bull’s games?

Coconut Cake? and about a thousand other desserts!

It’s all a swirla twirl, especially when your name is called and you put your hand in the Grab Bag and come up and out with an iPod Shuffle. In green…

You scream and curtsy and yes, I think you TWIRLED!

Even when it was time to go and you were out on the street with hundreds of other Theater District partiers trying to corral a cab in six inches of snow, did you stop twirling? Never!

You merely ran down into the Blue Line Subway something you’d never do that late at night but it was full of happy people just waiting for a train because it was Christmas.

And when you came up on Chicago Ave out of the tube, there was the Chariot again. Right where you left it and you hopped on board the #66 and it twirled you home…

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