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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Interestingly enough, even though its almost December (!) Chicago people are still firting with the weather.

Even though we know better, even though there might be 40 mph cool-running winds at the bus stop, we are trying to go Bare Naked.




Not I.

I admit, for several days, I tried to pretend it wasn’t really cold enough and was forced to repeatedly reach for a gnarly black polar fleece headband I found in one of the many, many pockets of my parka. It is my go-to emergency wrapper, the don’t get caught without it number, and if you live in an environment like this one, you know what I mean.

Just WHEN did it get to be Serious Hatteous Season?

I’d say the day last week when there were 50 mph winds in some parts of town and it just seared through your nostrils like a dental drill.


Chicago is not kind. We are the City of Big Shoulders. The City of Big Winds. Big Chill.

So now that I’m out of Big Denial, I went diving in the closet and tore through all the many, many hats I’ve accumulated.

Most of them are now laundered and safely on their way to the SavArmy because I’ve discovered a very unusual thing.

I only want to wear things I’ve made myself on my head.

knitting patterns

And if it’s any indication of a trend, it would appear the hat I most reach for is…


Doesn’t blow off. Beckham made it coolio. You can dress it up or plump it up to meet the Windy Need.

The hats above were the ones I chose to keep for myself. And I noticed that I was within the Stylings as indicated by the drawing I made a couple of years ago on the #66 bus. Today’s #66

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