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Tuesday, November 6, 2007




People in the 21st practice with abandon a skill called Multi-Tasking.
You see it everywhere.
Small jobs bundled together to get it done.

I salute those with the attention span to be a Maestro of the Multi.

I am not one of these as the pictures above attest! :)

While doing several computer jobs, cooking, phoning and laundry, the Crime occurred.

Who the heck snuck in my house and set the water heater to a billion degrees?! Who filled the tub with said water and soaked a pile of handknits in some friendly sudz? Who then forgot all about it for hours until passing the laundry room and SHRIEKING!!!

My beautiful handpainted (and up to this point colorfast) cardigan canabalized two others. One 100% wool cardigan escaped it’s bleed…

The other two were microfiber blends, the one on the right, cotton microfiber (ggh “Bali”) and the one on the left, wool microfiber (Austermann “Rubino”).

They were tatooed with fuschia in blotchy, weird patches. Oy.

This but of course, brought back a marital memory. One day, after weeks of gentle requests, my husband finally did the laundry. Everything he washed turned Pink. Apparently, his wedding band caused a tightening in the brain area controlling Laundry Sorting and 30 years of successful bachelor warsh with no *oopsies* had gone right out the window. I digress…

After I quit crying (oh, how I LOVED that green cardi), I pulled out the chemicals.

Door #1: I tried an intervention with some rinsing and washing using a detergent I had. “Synthrapol is used to suspend and carry excess dye from cotton fiber. It removes any unfixed or unreacted dye to keep it from redepositing dye onto areas of the fabric that you don’t want to be stained. It is recommended for use as a pre wash to remove excess dye (especially in reds and blues), sizing, dirt and oils.”

We had plenty of reds! And even after a nice dunk in the Synthrapol sudz, we still had plenty of reds!

Door #2: Pulled out the Big Guns! Enter the Wombat. This brown tone was an all-in-one dye product from Landscape Elements and I thought it would be worth a shot to try and work some magic. Overdying a blended fiber is always a crap shoot. Mixed metaphors aside, the nature of the content might require different temperatures or fixatives or handling. Some man-made fibers might not over-dye at all.

But when I look at the picture above, I see the PINK! Something landed and stuck like glue. Why not the Wombat?



But the end result was not the best! It was a muddy olive, more tinted than dyed. I believe I used too much liquid for the amount of dye powder and *fabric* I had. So, back to the Pot!


Stewing in some Procion “Warm Black”
even as I write this.

OMG. I’m multi-tasking again…

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