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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


There We go and Back Again

For a City Girl, it’s an imperative to Get Out of Town every once in awhile. For this City Girl, the more Country Days, the merrier! The sign above, at the entrance to the Allegan Co. Fairgrounds was a reminder, of sorts, to Let it Go. Let the City fall away, as mist receding over a far horizon. Leave it all behind and see what ye can see in the open air…

the Briar Rose booth

And right off the bat, one sees what one cannot see in Town. I did not realize, the first time I went to a fiber fair that there would be Fiber Folk, people who were busy in their corner of the universe creating incredible things, things you could only see if you were Right There. Chris Rosen, from Briar Rose, is one of those people – painting yarn like none other that delights and entices.

Notice the lady on the right *trying on* the skeins on her arm! I was doing this over and over during the day too in addition to Sniffing. Oh. Don’t look at me like that. You do it too. Just enjoy that tiny bite of vinegar, please ;p I’d be happy to pass it your way…

from l. to r. Karen, Lisa, Macarena, Nancy & Meg

But what really made this trip especially fun for me was the People! Over and over, we all crossed paths and found friends old and new. From the very beginning of the day, it was quite the adventure

Monday, August 20, 2007

  Monday Morning Mirth  

As you’ve probably noticed, over here at Chez Chic, we are not skert of the dancing. We’re not even scared of the generous folk who might be dancing for their Wicker Park neighbors stuck in traffic. Well. Maybe just a little.

But what to my wandering eye should appear EVERYDAY at my #66 Bus Stop?

SHIELD your eyes and put down that coffee..

Yes. It IS Summer. Yes. I often get the feeling I WANT to wear less clothes to work, sleeveless shirts, short pants…

In East Village, where I live, it’s More than a Feeling…

  • Put on my shades, stat.
  • Quick! Knit him a Wool Onsie
  • Call the Councilman
  • Give him my Phone #
  • Pray for Sweater Weather

Friday, August 17, 2007


let the yum begin

Not too many weeks ago, the Song of the Fiber Sirens called me up to Wisconsin for a little road trip. WHO would not enjoy a morning out in the *country* petting the *sheep*.

The lovely sock yarn you see above was the result of a visit with the lovely Catherine of Knitting Notions

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