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Friday, July 27, 2007

New Threads FRIDAY!

Groovy Condo
Design: Fatto a Mano Nr. 146 design 33
Yarn: Gedifra *Poesie*
Color: Aqua #2017
Gauge: 13 sts/17 rows over 4″
Needles: #11

To be sure — le dictionnaire de b-Marie sez FASHION is something that is distinctively, elegantly in style, at a given time, in a given society or place.

This little shell would be right at home clubbin’ it, after 11pm, dancing the night away — en Vogue where vogue is fashion that is evident, enthusiastic [but perhaps] short-lived.

Turn the Beat Around: it echoes the 70’s but it lives in 2007 via material and arrival. This style was termed “blouson”: “n. Jacket or dress that is full at the waist; blouse-like in appearance.”



I’ve seen a lot of bloused cami’s in my neighborhood — paired with tight peg-legged pants and very high heels, very P.M. Hmm. I found a pair of aqua capris that match this exactly — and think I might have to wear high cork wedgies with mine.

I was flipping through the channels Wednesday night and by accident came across an incredible documentary on PBS.

This program is a fascinating look at the current state of Haute Couture, where it is, where it’s going and who is wearing it: “The number of fashion houses showing haute couture in Paris has fallen from 100, during its post-World War II heyday, to barely a dozen today. Filmmaker Margy Kinmonth journeys from Paris to New York to California to meet both designers and customers in this exclusive, elusive niche in the fashion industry. As haute couture’s traditional American customer base ages, fewer young women are stepping up to ensure its survival. Discover how much has changed

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