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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Destination. Determination. Deliberation.

My ex-husband used to polish me off during an argument by commenting that everything I knew I’d learned from TV.


These days, I’d have to say my Horizons are just a little more grand.

It is not unknown to stare fixedly at the Unknown, in these parts lately.

Just last night, right after I picked up my lace knitting from its basket, I was staring fixedly at a mess in my lap.

Maybe mess is too strong a word, but after several days of lanquishing, I’d started knitting the glorious Mystery Stole #3 again and immediately dropped a stitch. And then I stared. And stared. Hypmotized, to be sure. Stumped. Minutes ticking by.

And then I probed it with a hook. Hee. Nada.

And then I frogged real fast. It’s like closing your eyes and ripping off the bandaid from a hairy spot. Real Fast and its over. S-L-O-W and you suffer.

Fast and you’re on your way again in no time.

But the lesson learned? Don’t go too many days between knitting the MS#3 (or any other work-in-progress) because it might bite you.

And instead of getting to the end of Clue #2, like you’d been dreaming of, you are only on Row 137.

[hmm. a very good number. guess we’ll do a little happy dance and visualize wearing this somewhere fab.]

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