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Tuesday, July 5, 2007

Lace: 10 — Knitter: 0 ?

This time of year, I am filled with incredible optimism. The trees are lush and full; the days long and balmy, here in the lovely Land of Lincoln.

Things are so darn squeaky clean and bright that one feels like they could do anything, and do it well. Your neighbor’s kid just passed you on her bike, little feet pedaling away, her bike a two-wheeler now instead of four. The PostMan waves at you as he comes down your front steps, having just delivered your mail on time.


You go up to the neighborhood Yarn Hut and get some new threads, some cool threads some of the softest prettiest threads you’ve ever held. And you Cast On.

Some of you, erm, about 4331 but who’s counting, might of heard of a little thing called the Mystery Stole #3 KAL over on Yahoo. I’ve been lurking around Pink Lemon Twist for quite awhile, steeling up my nerve in case another edition hit the fan, the first two being not only lovely but incredibly presented by their creator, Melanie. This time, even after two personal shawling FlopFests, I was ready: 3rd times a charm on 3rd Rock, right?

So I plunged in, Clue #1 and black Malabrigo Lace Baby Merino in hand, ready to take the dive off the cliff of my life.

Also in hand? Addi Turbo Needles–#3 (3.25mm). Not the new lace ones, which have been eluding me, but ye olde style nickel plates. Over the weekend, I got 50 rows done–good for me, little slow skert lace knitter that I am.

Then last night I picked it up to continue on and just HIT a WALL. I don’t know what was different (the humidity? the millions of firecrackers being thrown by my neighbors? the sweatiness of my summer hands?) As far as I could tell, I was doing everything the same. But it had changed. My Gauge. The needles just wouldn’t knit; they balked and stuck and blunted me out so hard, I cried UNCLE and changed to #3 (3.25mm) Inox Teflons.

WHEW! Their pointy selves just poked and flipped and handled those stitches as fine as a flap-jack master in a short-order truck stop.

Trouble was, that pesky little thing called Gauge. Again. With. the. Gauge.

It was slightly larger. Just a teeny, squeeny bit. Now, a local guru I know, with a slightly curled lip just scoffed and told me it would “all come out in the blocking” (ie. get over it). I must say, I couldn’t! I am stuck in some (self)delegated Limbo between Process & Project Knitting that won’t allow me to just roll over like that.

Who IS the Boss?

Hee. That would be me, using the Teflon wonders, starting over from Row 1. A piece of fabric that drapes beautifully, opens up just right and makes me smile when I touch it can’t be all bad.

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