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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Being at the halfway mark of the year is always a jolt! Here’s a pile of rUkidding ME WIP!

click this to see bigger pictures…

Clockwise: Olivia — (Jo Sharp *Maple* cardi); Groovy Condo (August 5, 2003!); Ribby Hoodie — (Teal Cotton Fleece); Rowan Saffron; Citrine Shell

The last few days have been fresh and mild and the house has been airing out — a perfect time to complete my *Spring* Cleaning. I’ve been moving furniture, stacking and culling magazines, cataloging yarn and projects. And I, having found a hidden cache of marinating projects, am staring them down–they’re all yelling FINISH ME! at top volume and I am reaching for the coin to toss because it’s Summer and my brain seems to be on hold…

Instead how about a little poll…

Help me!!
Groovy Condo
Ribby Hoodie
Cirtrine Shell
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